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It’s what’s on the inside that counts - heard that one before? We couldn’t agree more! Our jewellery is responsibly made with 100% solid recycled gold, sourced from forgotten pieces that are no longer used. This way we can make sure it’s environmentally friendly and ethical. Solid gold is durable and will not rub off, oxidate or change colour over time, unlike plated or vermeil. Our jewellery is made to last.

9k gold

Gold is measured in karat (k) and pure 24k gold is a soft metal that’s not practical in jewellery. To make it more durable and resistant from scratching and denting, it needs to be mixed with other alloys. We use 9k gold so we can make sure it's high quality and durable, while yet being affordable.

The destructive impact of mining

Gold is a valuable precious metal, but the traditional mining industry is very destructive. It destroys vital landscapes, displace communities and contaminate drinking water.

destroying the amazon

Gold miners are tearing down the rainforest to access gold deposits

Toxic waste

At least 180 million tonnes of toxic waste is dumped in rivers and oceans every year

Mercury pollution

A dangerous toxic metal used separate gold from rock and soil. It harms the environment and people exposed to it

That's why we only use recycled gold where no mining is ever involved