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Gems without mining

We only use gemstones that are sustainably created in a lab. Thanks to cutting-edge technology we are now able to re-create similar conditions in which nature forms gemstones on its own. It starts with melting a mixture of quartz sand and other ingredients that is subjected to a high temperature until a gemstone is created. Yes, that's right! Our gemstones are similar in colour, clarity, cut and carat to mined diamonds. In fact, they are similar in all ways except one – they don't have the environmental and social impact, they are completely traceable and conflict-free.

the ugly truth about

diamond mining

Did you know that the diamond mining industry has one of the world's largest environmental and social footprints? Each year, over 260 million tonnes of earth is moved, deep below the earth’s surface to extract diamonds that have been formed 1-3 billion years ago. It’s a process that uses an enormous amount of water and releases toxic chemicals
that pollutes our soil and drinking water which affects our health and damages our beautiful planet. Most mines are also based in developing countries that lack environmental regulations and human rights protection. The working conditions can be brutal, including child labour, displacement of the local population and it can also be a source for funding armed conflicts. That doesn’t sit well with us, we believe that there must be a better, more sustainable future.

the benefits of

our gemstones


Our lab made gemstones are sustainably created and similar to to mined gemstones. Both share the same qualities and characteristic but without the large environmental cost

guranteed conflict-free

Most mined diamonds are not traceable. They change hands so many times that there’s no guarantee that they are conflict-free. We give you peace of mind knowing that our gemstones are created above ground, making them completely traceable, ethical and conflict-free.

superior quality

Our sustainably created gemstones are made under carefully controlled conditions by using the latest cutting-edge technology. That’s why, they don’t have any of the impurities you can find in mined gemstones. The result is a brighter and clearer gem.